“A photographer’s means and medium is light; without light there is no photograph… I think that light is a very spiritual and divine thing.

I have always been mesmerized by big, open spaces filled with natural light. The way the light shifts from moment to moment, altering the beauty of the terrain in the process, is a never-ending inspiration. My desire to capture these perfect plays between the light and its surroundings is what has fueled my passion for photography.”

– HRH Prince Nikolaos

The breathtaking views he has captured of his homeland are his love letters to the country that has always been in his heart and thoughts, even before he moved to Athens in 2013. His images purposefully show a different aspect from the blue and white Cycladic themes most people associate with the land. His are abstract depictions of a journey through Greece.

He says that Greece’s constantly shifting light is unique throughout all seasons, filled with movement and colour – “even on an overcast day, there is light hidden behind the clouds just waiting to shine through”. Desiring to reproduce exactly what he sees in any given moment, Prince Nikolaos never enhances the canvas of nature, which he captures in his photographs — leaving that up to nature’s discretion and his deft use of his camera’s aperture and speed.

His camera is his constant companion — whether he is taking a sunrise hike up Mt. Parnitha, or during his down time from volunteer missions with Axion Hellas — and in these moments he loses himself behind his camera’s lens.

Along with traditional methods, Prince Nikolaos has also printed his work on different materials, including panels of white marble from Thasos. The marble prints are particularly poignant because in these, Prince Nikolaos prints images of Greece onto Greek earth – its marble. These one-of-a-kind art pieces are more than mere photographs: they are tangible depictions of moments in time. This is what makes Prince Nikolaos’ marble prints so impactful.

“Because time, just as a ray of light, may be fleeting, but its memory is always present when captured through the photographer’s lens.”

– HRH Prince Nikolaos